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  • Sambagirl144
    Y U NO UPDATE?!?! It's so amazayn!!!! Lol. I had to do that :P
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on Amazon.com called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on Amazon.com,...
  • Sambagirl144
    Omg I love this so much!!!! Please make a second book. Also could you read my Movella Kiss You? I really appreciate it :)
    Pitch Slapped
    Pitch Slapped
    Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't...
  • Sambagirl144
    Thank you guys so much for the love! As its Thanksgiving I'm responsible for helping with dinner but I promise to post chapter 5 today. Thank you!
    Kiss You
    Kiss You
    Danielle has been looking for true love all her life, but she's had no such luck. until he came. Harry Styles, the flirty exchange student from the UK has come to Danielle's school to study the arts. She...
  • Sambagirl144
    Omg one of the best fanfics I've ever read!!!! Please update!!!
    Beauty and the Geek
    Beauty and the Gee...
    Emily has everything she has ever wanted; popularity, a handsome, all-star athlete boyfriend and a top spot on the cheerleading squad. So why does it feel like she has nothing at all? When her grades...
    Stephanie Williams
    WOW what a compliment, I'm glad this was even slightly ranked high in your faves thankyou so much! xxx
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