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I love the fantasy genre with a bit of adventure. I love to have romance in my books and let it flow in a nice way. I love to have gore in my books and a lot of blood. So welcome to my side. The place for adventure with gore deaths and romance.

  • Salthemor

    mumbled "That moment when!"

    6 days agoReply

    One of your favorites dies in your game. I'm so sad. The second victim had to be her. She was one of the nicer once :(
  • Salthemor

    mumbled "Uhh. Who's the killer?"

    1 weeks agoReply
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    The latest episode of Danganronpa up now. Who is the killer of the first trial? Uhhhhhhh. I'm so excited. I just enjoy this! Hope you guys having a swell weekend!

    Love <3 Salthemor!
    1 weeks ago
    @[Far The Demon]

    *Bow down to the overlord demon* Thank you.

    Here's a fun question. If you could be an ultimate. What ultimate would you be ;)
    Far Hargreaves
    1 weeks ago
    Probably dancer or musician
    1 weeks ago
    I think I would be the Ultimate Philosopher
  • Salthemor

    mumbled "So I just bought the third Danganronpa game. "

    2 weeks agoReply

    I played through the first trial and now...I feel empty. If anyone kinda likes detective/mind horror games. Try it or look at it. It can really hit hard ya know.
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