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  • SakiraAzakun

    mumbled "The Fairy Tail Fanfiction!"

    Hello minna!
    I have decided that I will continue on with the Fairytail Fanfiction
    I am going to change the plot a little, though. ^.--
    Gray is still going to be shipped with my Oc, (Deal with it >=3) but instead of the original idea where it was JUST based around Gray, we will be following Natsu's side to this as well. I don't wanna leave him out! ^^
  • SakiraAzakun
    It's really good! Very descriptive and it really gripped my attention. I admire your writing.
    White as Snow, Red as Silver
    White as Snow, Red...
    Little Red, where is your Wolf?
  • SakiraAzakun
    It's bad. No offence.
    Unoriginal character magic, and name. You cut corners and it's not that interesting.
    ~your friend, Saki ��
    (Don't kill me, please. I don't mean to hate. I'm just an asshole ��)
    Icy love
    Icy love
    Gray fullbuster meets Mira Winter (oc) who he becomes friends with until one winter when Mira tells Gray something that will change their life's for the better. A lemon fanfiction not suitable for anyone...
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