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  • sahilthakur

    Poetry Anyone?

    7 years agoReply
    Could you give my work a read?
    Ab InitioA collection of 13 poems, a drug for the desolate, a salve for the disheartened and a respite for those in anguish . . .
    7 years ago
    I think that these are really great poems, some constructive criticism would be that poems don't always have to rhyme, just keep that in mind. Another area to improve is that if you choose to rhyme, make sure you pick a pattern (Eg. A, B. A, B or A, A, B, B etc) and stick with it the whole way through. Other than those two minor things that honestly, I think I would be one of the only people who noticed them, because I have a fair bit of experience with poetry, you are an amazing poet, keep trying and you can never stop learning, especially with poetry. Have fun experimenting!! Thanks xx
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