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I like food :3

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    its been like 7 months man
    Out of the Ordinary
    Out of the Ordinar...
    Life is full of complications, lies, secrets, and nothing is fair. This becomes apparent to Jenna after she meets 5sos, and her world -that she thought she finally had under control- is turned upside down. The...
  • ✓SageGeier
    Woah that was some intense shit
    5SOS: How to Change a Bad Boy
    5SOS: How to Chang...
    Make a girl fall in love with you in thirty days (or less). Breaking innocent and naive girls' hearts for their own entertainment. That was the game that they played, and Luke Hemmings was the very best....
  • ✓SageGeier
    Can you pleeeeease make the next chapter????? It's so addicting and I wanna know what happens!!!!!!
    Suicide 13+
    Suicide 13+
    Claire is a 15 year old freshman at Ridgewood High School. She is having bullying issues with the kids at her school. The worst thing is, the the kids that are bullying her are not the only ones, she has...
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