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hey guys im a huge fan of M.A.D a new British boyband if you dk who they are also im a Belieber, Mahomie Directioner Swiftie Warrior Smiler and Selenator

  • Sadie M.A.D Lewis

    mumbled "M.A.D imagine/story by Sadie"

    your 5 minutes away from the end of school/ beginning of summer, your sat in English class tapping your pen on the table watching the clock waiting for those 5 minutes to come by, you previously entered a competition the night before to win a date with any member of MA.D boyband, you entered only once as thats all that was allowed per fan, you sit in English stressing out as you find out who won the competition in 5 minutes AS WELL AS finishing school for the summer. One minute left to go, your teacher tells you to pack all your equipment away and stand behind your chairs, as the teacher isn't looking you check your phone , no new tweets /emails off the boys saying you won the competition, you walk out of school upset waiting with your friend, when your friends mum picks her up your left all alone, everybody has left for summer , your stood alone waiting for your mum to pick you up, 20 minutes later she still hasn't arrived, you phone her in concern asking where she is and why is she so late on your final day of school.. she replies down the phone as your shouting at her 'SHUT UP' behind you .. you replied 'why' your mum hung up on you *bitch* you shouted and fell to the floor crying , you then received a text from your mum saying 'I'm sorry somebody else unexpected is picking you up from school today' you cried even more and began to wonder who, by this point your mascara had ran all over your face and your eyeliner your foundation had came off. Next minute you feel someone come and sit behind you and hug you from behind you stand up and turn around 'WHO THE FUCK IS TH...' you see Dan Lewis' beautiful face, your so shocked , you wonder why has the Dan Lewis just hugged me and WHY is he in my school.. he says'hey baby are you Y/N' you reply 'YES OMFG WHY ARE YOU HERE WHAT WHAT ???!!! ' he replies 'im here to take you out on a date' you reply ' i didnt win the competition why are you pranking me omg stop *shouts Michael , Aiden you can come out now * i know your pranking me Dan ' he covers your mouth leans in close and Kisses you, you blush pull away, look him deep in the eyes , he whispers in your ear 'your beautiful' you get a cold shiver running down your spine you think to yourself 'DID DAN LEWIS JUST SAY THIS TO ME OMG PINCH ME I MUST BE DREAMING ' he then kisses you again, you sit on the floor outside your school making out for 10 straight minutes, then you finally pull away 'what are you doing Dan why are you here how do you know who I am and why did you kiss me ..' he says ' its a long story lets walk, basically a fan called Sophia won the competition, you know how i followed you on twitter, retweeted you loads of times and Favorited all your tweets?... ive liked you for a while, i know youra fan and ive never spoken to you properly, but when i saw your face, read your tweetss i gathered your personality, its amazing, your the type of girl i go for. I'm a really shy guy though Y/N .. I didnt message you as i was scared, i thought about you everyday and every night, I just couldnt stop :/ so when I heard about this competition I accidently was'ill' you know why? i wasnt ill atall, i backed out because i liked you too much,i couldnt go on a date with others whilst thinking about you could I ?so the guys are currently on a date, im pretending to be ill they have no idea im up here in Cheshire.. it took me 2 hours on the train to get here :/as you didnt win the competition , id like to take you out on a date, just you and me how about it? I know you like me Y/N obvious in your tweets ;) but I want to start something new, that kiss made me realize I do like you a awful lot, and id like to meet up with you a few more times before it become official?thats if you'd want me as your boyfriend?if so say yes now then we can build up from there.' you say ' wow wow, just wow, i cant believe this, YES OFCOURSE'.. TBC
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