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I just love writing stories all about different things but I mostly just write Science Fiction and Supernatural stuff. Other types as well obviously well possibly....! <--4 dots! It must be four! Thats not a divergent thing either <4! I'm being completely honest! Seriously.
Thanks for reading my Movellas and I hope you like them!

My favourite books are:
and Delirium

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    Please write more. Your first one is awesome and deserves a sequel! I am absolutely positive that I am not the only person who thinks this! You are an amazing writer, who has brilliant ideas and you give people other worlds where they can escape to. Thank you!
    Mechanical War
    Mechanical War
    A war is coming. Just not the war everyone expected. The dictatorship known as the Axis Dynasty is collapsing, torn apart by the two people who once lead it. Avalis and Remus Axis. A civil war is starting...
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    Hey there do you think you could create me a cover for a movella which I have only recently started which I might post on Movellas.
    Title: Silence
    Author: Sophie Hill
    Website: Movellas :)
    Theme: Something dark, its about an assassin in a world where people have had their consciousness put into immortal AIs.
    Colour Scheme: Something dark but brighter writing maybe some blood colours, slightly suggestive about how she is an assassin.
    Ideas: Something about silence. My main character has dusky blonde hair, thought I might include that just encase.
    It will be hopefully used for movellas but I might end up not posting it and just using it for personal.
    Thank you very much! :D
    Sanguine's Cover Store - CLOSED -
    Sanguine's Cover...
    This is what it states it is: A cover store. You don't have to credit me, use my cover or acknowledge that I made you something at all. All I ask is that you please read the first three chapters before...
    4 years ago
    I'm really sorry I forgot the tagline!
    Tagline: Silence consumes us but only as we are told
    Thank you again x
    4 years ago
    Hi, sorry, but my cover store is closed :( I'm not accepting any requests right now
    4 years ago
    Hey, Thats okay, thanks :)
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    Please Please please!!!! Can you do more Slytherin Scandal!!! I absolutely love it as I'm sure many others do! Please just take the love into account :) ����
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    mumbled "stuff and stuff"

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    1:Do you prefer solid books or books in digital format?
    Depends on my mood

    2:Favourite hair colour?
    My hair colour ;) lightish brown with reddish tints

    3:Favourite food?
    Sweet popcorn

    4: Where are you in the line of siblings? Oldest, youngest or middle?

    5: Are you a fast typist?
    Pretty fast, I did kill shift...

    6: Are you a neat freak?

    7: Soda or tea?
    Not tea but what's soda?

    8: Sandwiches or chips?
    Chips as in crisps? neither

    9: General amount of sleep you need?
    Easily get by on 3 hours

    10: Are you a vengeful person? EXAMPLE: If a guy\girl dumped you, would you write a song about them and be all mad at them for being a jerk?

    11: Are you a dog or cat person?

    12: Favourite gaming console?
    PC (I don't think I own any others)

    13: Favourite game?
    On where?-computer game possibly Sims3

    14:EDM or heavy metal?

    15: Apple or Samsung?

    16: Laptop or tablet?

    17: Band, orchestra, PE, or chorus?

    18: Which is your favourite: Middle school or High school?
    I guess high school because I haven't been to middle school

    19: Favourite Climate?
    Cold but not too cold, maybe jacket weather

    20: A want that you feel is a need?
    Couldn't live without some good books!

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