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    mumbled "My Apology "

    I'm sorry to all the people who have been reading my story "Rebels" it had 32 reads and to me that is AMAZING! sorry i haven't wrote another chapter on it i just think I have ruined it already i think i can do sooooooooo much better so i'm going to delete it and write a similar story i have had going in my mind for a while please read it. I'm thinking of titling it 27 but i'm not sure thanks again guys!!!!
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    mumbled "Hey Check out my third chapter"

    Hey my story has had 26 reads I think that was pretty good for me but thanks all who have read it i will posting the third chapter later Its called Rebels plz read i don't think u will be disappointed
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    mumbled "Third Chapter"

    Sorry I wish I could of posted sooner I was busy but check out my story called Rebels Posting a third chapter later today Plz Check it out i don't think u will regret it
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    mumbled "Bored? "

    I u are bored u should read my new story its called Rebels by me I have published only the first chapters but more are coming I promise plz read I don't think u will be disappointed!!!!
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    mumbled "Ch.2 in progress of rebels"

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    Hey people check out my fairly new movella called Rebels by me!!!!!! U should check it out im working on the 2nd chapter now probably gonna be up tomorrow! You can read my first chapter now and put some input on it tell me if it sucks or if it is good I wanna know if I should keep going! Thanks
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    I will post it tomorrow plz read I don think u will regret it
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