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I am a Potterhead. Drapple, still a better love than Twilight.

  • RoseDraco1990
    It was great but could you update? also i have a question, why was ginny in the hospital?
    The First Year Troubles, Harry Potter
    The First Year Tro...
    A new generation of Harry Potter. I have made up a few characters so beware!
    7 years ago
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    Now that all of my exams are over til November I will probably be able to put up some new stuff soon and Ginny works at the hospital :) (It is how I picture things not necessarily how JK Rowling did :) )
    7 years ago
    thxs and okay i didnt get it at first
  • RoseDraco1990

    How do i make my first story

    I'm new at this and was wondering how do I make a story/movella?
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
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    Okay it's pretty basic and this is how you do it for all your stories to come.
    1.) Log in (which well duh but you know XD)
    2.) Locate the bright green bar at the top of the page
    3.) go to "Me" in that green bar
    --- a list of options should now pop down.
    4.) Click "New Movella"
    --- you are now taken to an editing section for you book.

    So now a few things you need to keep in mind from here...
    1.) Come up with title, genre, rating, description, and I believe at the least one tag. HIT the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom.
    2.) Now to the left of the screen fight below your profile picture and name... there are four buttons to which you use to edit your book.
    ---- "Story Info" is for what you just accomplished, tags, name etc.
    ---- "Cover" well it's for your cover to be displayed. You may choose a sample or just upload your own
    ---- "Chapters" Where you will save your chapters. When you "Save as Draft" this makes it displayable only to you when you hit the edit button. When you "Save and Publish" it is now published on the website for everyone to see.
    ---- "Co-author", while this is still in beta technically it is very fun to do and you should really consider doing this. Preferably it's only as fun as the co-author you chose to have with you so choose wisely! (The Holy Grail could be just a wooden cup XD haha hopefully you got that reference)

    Any more questions I'd be more than happy to help you.
    Sincerely, Mitchell.
    7 years ago
    thanks, i barely found out. :P im a dunderhead haha
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
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    haha you're welcome- but I made some pretty bad mistakes in there >.>
  • RoseDraco1990
    Plz update and make sure to right who Aurelia Lawn- forgot but anyways PLEASE UPDATE THIS ITS SO AMAZING SO PLEASE UPDATE!!! And im not a hater or anything but im jut saying "Zayn maliks girl" you suck if you think anything is better than Harry Potter well only more Harry Potter but the point is you Suck!
    The Next Adventure
    The Next Adventure
    Rosalia Dursley is the child of Dudley Dursley, the cousin of the legendary Harry Potter. A wizard. It seems silly that so many things can be figured out from cooking your own bacon. But to the...
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