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  • ReynaTheQueen;)

    mumbled "blehhhhh"

    Yeah so I'm having dificulties writing right now, so you could say I have writer's block and laziness. I could have a totally good reason besides writer's block ecept i don't, and I'm lazy. and I have lots of homework and drama. BOy drama, old drama, and soon to be drama. Sorry guys, I'm working on it.
  • ReynaTheQueen;)

    mumbled "Spring Breakkkkk"

    yeah so I wont be posting this whole week. It'll be april before I do probably, It's spring break so yeah I'll be actually doing things... maybe. Anyways I wish the best spring break to everyone! :**
  • ReynaTheQueen;)

    mumbled "No Update unless..."

    Hello! I won't have an update this weekend unless I get enough time, which I doubt. So Maybe Wednesday if i can. I'll definitely try though. :*