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I'm the G*ddamn Batman!

wait no... :D

I'm a writer. I want to improve my writing. I like reading fantasy and scifi fantasy books!

A genius billionaire -playboy -philanthropist, I suffered a severe chest injury during a kidnapping in which my captors attempted to force me to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Instead,I created a powered suit of armor to save my life and escape captivity.

I later used the suit to protect the world as...

Iron Man.

-Please leave a comment
-When you critique my work you can do the following:
1.Make my tears flow like a faucet!
2.Make me curse you ten times over!
3.Make me regret posting my stuff here!
4.Make me fall in the mire of writing depression
5.But most of ALL do it right, BE F*CKING HONEST!

*****The true truth starts here*****

Fantasy: High fantasy,epic fantasy, dark fantasy,
sword and sorcery, Young Adult fantasy

Scifi: Space westerns, Space Opera, Steampunk

-I like the following authors because "Boomerangs" and because they're awesome...

Asimov,Heinlein,Bester,Ambercrombie,Lynch,Rothfuss,Pratchett,Gaiman,Woodring-Stover,R. E. Howard,HP Lovecraft,Moorcock,Lieber,Cornwell



Me---owt that's right...

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    Hi stephanie, I just want to thank you for following me. Please do share your comment or Opinion... if you ever have time to read my work. Have a wonderful day!
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    Okay!! I'd love to do a review on one of your books if you want to comment in my review book!!:)
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    sure where do i find that?
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    I just did my, I need to eat...Oh btw I just finished updating a story...ah what a wonderful day it is!
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    The Songs of StrifeA man's name is important and Salip Pulaco has more than one. He's been called a pirate, a savage, a fool, and sometimes a hero but a changed man? Now,...

    Just uploaded not one but two chapters!
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