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"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." ~John Green

"You can take everything away from me, but you can't take away my voice and I will sing to my heart's content." ~My Grandma

"When I read, I'm taken to a whole new world where I meet new people and discover new things. I become the person I always wanted to be." ~Unknown

Hey there!

I'm just another 18yr old Caribbean girl who loves to read!

Please take care of me!

  • RebekahHeart
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    Is it alright if i enter with my sister? She has yet to create a Movellas account though and I am also not that active here.
    3 years ago
    She will have to make an account here first and then you both can write the story here ;)

    3 years ago
    @[RebekahHeart] being super active is not a requirement for participating in competitions, but you must complete and submit your entry by the competition deadline, in 3 days in this case. Your sister should at least create a Movellas account to be able to be your co-author. I hope that helps XD
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