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Hey, I'm Midnight Star.
I am 13 (almost 14, okay? okay.)
I like a lot of things such as:
*Harry Potter
*Creeping people out with my extensive knowledge of my fandoms
*Books in general
*Being Random
*The Hunger Games
*The Fault in our Stars
*Music (Writing music,playing piano,singing etc.)

  • Midnight Star
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    Hi Em! Its really good! I like it! Can't wait to find out what happens next : )
    Arthur & Evelyn
    Arthur & Evelyn
    Arthur and Evelyn are both carpenter apprentices, in their small Celtic village of Clodagh. They have known each other for years and have always argued together. But when the village is attacked by a small...
    Emmie Schofie
    7 years ago
    Thanks Becky! Next chapter won't be up for a while as I'm away for the next few weeks...with no WiFi! :( But I promise it'll be my top priority when I get back x
    Midnight Star
    7 years ago
    K have a good time! x : ) You never know it may turn out that I'm there too : D
    Emmie Schofie
    7 years ago
    Very true, if you happen to be up north at any point over the next few weeks, just give me a call. Maybe we'll meet up in the street like last time! xD
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