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  • Rebecca Sizemore
    I'm sorry I haven't updated me and my friend Molly have had major writers block I'm so sorry and so many personal thing have happed this was the last thing on my mind and once again I'm so sorry about that ! Love you! And thank you all! XD
    Fallen Angle
    Fallen Angle
    19 year old Neveah's life is nothing but abuse and bullying. Thats except for her favorite bands Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor.Her life is a living hell. But that all changes when she...
  • Rebecca Sizemore
    Can you please write more. I love it so far.
    Working For The Prophet
    Working For The...
    This is a story of Alicia Lomeli and how she deals day to day with her new job; as co manager of Black Veil Brides. Also showing her struggles with "The Prophet" of the band Andy Biersack. She soon begins...
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