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uhm i don't know what to say on these things but my names Raven some of my favorite bands are Blood On The Dance Floor,Black Veil Brides, and KISS

I don't know what else to say sooo umm yea

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    this story is really awesome CX i love it ^~^=
    Kerrang! Tour 2014
    Kerrang! Tour 2014
    With a new band, Devil's Angels, comes with new people for the Kerrang! Tour. When Devil's Angels gets a invitation to join the Kerrang! 2014 tour, Abby, Steph, Beth, Amy, Sophie and Emily jumped on the...
  • XxRaven_Marie_BlackxX
    i loves it CX its really amazing ^~^=
    Electrifyng (COMPLETED)
    Electrifyng (COMPL...
    Jade's POV: "Andy, when i look into your eyes, i feel something that i have never... " i am cut off mid- sentanse by a soft, passionate kiss. "I love you, Jade" Andy looks into my eyes. He is dead...
    hehe, thanks yew. sorry I havnt been on in AGES, but ive been pretty busy with stuff so uh yeah, haha
  • XxRaven_Marie_BlackxX
    i loved it CX it was amazing ^~^=
    Blood on the Dance Floor fan-fiction
    Blood on the Dance...
    En lille fan-fiction skrevet ud fra en drøm jeg havde for et års tid siden. Laura er en pige omkring de 16-17 år som får muligheden for at møde sine største idoler, men der var dog en pris at betale....
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