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Hey, my name is Abie and I love to read and write. I joined because someone coughcoughanniereynolds made me get an account. Glad I did now:D I also like art and music. Enjoy reading my Movellas!

PS - Please suggest ideas of what to write about as I am having a permanent writing block!!

  • Rainbow_pie_yay
    very good! could you write more please??:)
    Death for love
    Death for love
    For a reason that kills him, Timothy looses his only true love. He knows that she wanted it but for her to ask his own brother made him want to kill him. So the real reason is still out there, but will...
  • Rainbow_pie_yay
    this is great!:) love how it's a story and a poem, and i love the tension at the end:) really good, write more plz!xx
    Gothic poem about a werewolf :) hope you enjoy x
  • Rainbow_pie_yay
    This is amazing!! please keep writing this;) there's a similar story called 'Don't change' and it's just like this except this is better!! love it<3<3xxx

    PS- guess who this is;)
    My Change
    My Change
    Sick of being ignored, 13 year old Janey gets a makeover and it changes everything about her school life! But there are some people that aren't as delighted with the results... Want to know who? READ...
    Annie Biersack
    6 years ago
    I read don't change and I like it loads! :P
    BTW, Hi Abie. xD
  • Rainbow_pie_yay
    :O does it just stop like that!? can't stop reading your movellas, you're really good at writing science fiction!:Dxx
    Death on Seagull island
    Death on Seagull...
    I always thought there were Ghosts on this Island. I wondered what they wanted. I guess I know now...
    6 years ago
    It carries on but I am too busy writing my other movellas that i have not got time for this one
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