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    Kasie ???
    The Baker Bad Boy
    The Baker Bad Boy
    Harry has bullied Ellie since the fith grade. Then when Harry gets in trouble with the towns bakery he is forced into doing community work there. When Ellie is informed about this she trys her best to...
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    Continue xxx
    Can't Find Love
    Can't Find Love
    my neighbour has blue eyes and blonde hair, he's cute but he has a girlfriend. i'm antisocial and i get bullied. i've never been loved by my own family and they have high expectations but when i look at...
  • ~rachel~
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    I am all you need xxx
    Name : Rachel
    Age : 12
    Personality : Shy , Sweet and Caring.
    Eye colour : blue
    Hair colour : brown
    Person I want : Harry

    Love is all you need
    Love is all you...
    "Love is all you need" Yea right. I used to think that sayin was stupid, then I met Zayn Malik. I finally realized that love is all you need.
    4 years ago
    You should use me because i care about people and don't like people getting hurt.
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    Me pls xxxx
    Can you save me?(niall horan fanfic)
    Can you save me?(n...
    Hi my name is ellie i uesed to love my life...but it all went upside down when the people i loved had to leave me. Now know one can change the way i am.. Or can they?. Im in my room staring at the silver...
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    Sure rachel
    5 years ago
    Thanks xxx
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    Update pls i love it xxxx :)
    Dangerously In Love With Styles.
    Dangerously In Lov...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Natalie Carter was a shy, quiet 18 year old girl. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A curly headed, green eyed boy comes in to her life, he's the most feared boy in Holmes Chapel. He fights, deals...
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    Thanks xx ��
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