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I can't get the covers thing to work. Sorry.
Also, I suck at titles. I try my best though...

  • R. Blake Hammond

    mumbled "Check out ma new poetry..."

    I posted some more poems and I'd love for people to check them out and tell me if they suck as bad as I think they do. Thanks...
    5 years ago
    you know your poem before I fall is one of the hidden gems!
  • R. Blake Hammond

    mumbled "Check Out ma poetry"

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    Hey, I'd really appreciate it if people could read my poetry and give me some honest feedback. I will check out your work as well...
    5 years ago
    Hey, just here to say I've read most of your poetry, and your work is amazing. Smooth, and flows well across the page. Love your use of space, your line-breaks, your imagery, your creative diction... Very impressed - please keep it up! We need more lyrical, literary poetry like yours. And I love all of your references. Nice to find someone with so much talent - well done.
    Eve Smallman
    5 years ago
    Yeah, I agree with purpletwaddle :). Your work is absolutely superb. Your poems are so deep and moving. You have an incredible talent :D.
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