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Just a little about myself:
I love to read! My favorite sport is badminton (although I'm not very good at it) My favorite subject is science! I'm a proud NERD! If you can find my best friends on Movellas the they're:
Mstar, #1ANIME FREAK and of course kav927.
Mstar: Has a great sense of humor.
A.F: Is really creative and neat.
Kav: Awesome at badminton :D
Be sure to read their books!!!

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    Hello all, I go by the name of Question, to make it so I'm mysterious. I enjoy writing and so do my best friends. Here on Movellas you can see their works as well as mine. We write on various genres so be sure to check our books!
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    It may have been a while but I have started writing more chapters to this book. This isn't the end and there's more to come. Stay tuned!
    Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?
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    Brilliant minds think alike! :D
    Don't Leave  ME
    Don't Leave ME
    Emma has had a major crush on Brandon since forever. The school dance is coming and ........................
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