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    Loving your book hope you will write more on it cant wait to read it.. Hope to read your future books as well
    Death & Daughter
    Death & Daughter
    Born of an angel and death himself the young serenity (ren) is an angel of death in this story she goes about her life in school and all the other things and interesting turns of events are always happening...
    5 years ago
    Thx :). I'm working on it. Between homework work and school I will get as much done as possible :)
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    I hope you finish this book i really love your books I just read you're prefect and finished it I'm really into them I hope you finish them. Hope to read future books from you.. Thanks for the story
    I Need You! -Sequel to You're Perfect-
    I Need You! -Seque...
    Jordan and Noah have been through thick and thin, they've been through eveything together. Is their relationship growing stronger, or are they growing apart, growing sick of eachother? What happens when...
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