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  • QueenOfHearts790
    I just thought that maybe you'd like to know that your front cover isn't Sebastian Michaelis. It's Greed, the Homunculous, from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    My Little Kitten (Sebastian x Reader)
    My Little Kitten...
    You are a neko who ran away from your abuse parents at home. When you ran about 4 miles away, you came to an alley to rest. That was when Sebastian found you sleeping in the alley and brought you to the...
    The Bullied Lesbian
    oh, ok. my friend sent it to me, telling me that it was sebastian, so thank you for telling me. this is so embarrassing!!
    6 hours ago
    No problem! We all make mistakes. (I can't remember most of my friends names and mix them up)
    The Bullied Lesbian
    XD same!!
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