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In canada we like to walk out Polar Bears and dress them up in little costumes.
(especially 5SOS and Ghost Town)

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    mumbled "Co-Author"

    Does anyone wanna Co-write Insanity or Modern day Mummy with me? Because like I'd love to have a co-author
    Mrs. Tony Stark
    5 years ago
    I'll co-author which ever one you want me to if you want me to co-author!
    5 years ago
    ok thanks :D
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    mumbled "OMFG I'm such a loser. :("

    I just realized that midnight memories comes out 6 days after my brother's birthday, 20 FREAKIN DAYS, GUYS. TWENTY FREAKING DAYS. I'M GONNA DIEEEEE
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    mumbled "Shit..."

    Oh yeah.....I'm currently making an anmiation right now, so..........be patient and the updates will come
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    mumbled "OMG SO EMBARASSED"

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    So, I was just listening to Magic, and I started dancing around, then my older brothers came in and were like
    And I didn't notice them until the song finished and I turned around, and they were standing there creeped out. :|
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    Well, I guess all I have to say is let me know what you think of the story! ;)