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I am me there's no other way to explain it. I I wanted to explain me I would just so happens I can't I could be a silent frail girl one minute next in laughing, dancing all over the place and trying hard to remember what I'm doin and why if you want me to explain who I am your going to need a magnifying glass and some chocolate cake. �� I'm different my stories might not make much sense but they do to me I'm finding it hard to sum it all up except that you need to be slightly mad to get it.

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    mumbled "New Story !! ( Not by me lol) "

    My big sister aka thee best writer ever has thought of an awesome story idea it's of beauty and the beast although the beast isn't a real person it's like Gustafs' (is that how you spell it) ego. He wants to marry Belle but she doesn't want to marry him (like the original) and nearer the end a beast (just an average beast nothing significant) and he can either save that little guy who busts his ego or Belle

    Good idea!! Competition time !!
    I invite you to create your own story with that plot (type) line do whatever you want with it.
    Put a link of the published creation in all its glory in the comments I will read everyone of them the prize is a magical landshark pony
  • Alanna.Stewrto
    OMGeee that was like so good. no joke it really was you should right more :P
    May Under a Cherry Tree
    May Under a Cherry...
    Jenna Indison, the girl with such, long blonde hair it reaches her waist, the girl with bright green-blue eyes. Jenna, the girl who seeks attention. Ella-Maie Price, the girl with the brown hair and thing...
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    mumbled "School Story"

    just about to start a story I wrote it at school but I thought it was really good so I just wondered if you think I should post it?
    PS its called bad cat
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