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i'm tay, i'm little mix af, and sometimes I like to pretend that I have a life
i may or may not be on wattpad as well at shadysos

  • disasterology

    mumbled "hypocrite"

    I'm such a hypocrite. I always tell people that I'm not a quitter, but then I turn around and do exactly that. For some reason, I can't ever seem to finish anything that I start. Why does inspiration have to be so easy to lose?
    3 years ago
    Don't worry. It happens. I have never finished any of my book things. NEVER and I've been writing 4ever. It's hard to keep going. Switch to a different book and it'll come back to you.
  • disasterology
    Other than the few grammatical errors, this is good :)
    Mystery Boy
    Mystery Boy
    " I know literally nothing about you except your name and age" he shoots me a smirk " good"
    3 years ago
    i know. The first chapter had a few mistakes cuz i'm writing this at 4am lol. But thank you so much
    3 years ago
    Oh, that makes sense and no problem :)
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