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Hello! I have a Watt-pad account as well so I will be writing different stories from That account and make new ones! I'll be making 'X Readers' if i can of course and will take request. I may not update as fast as other writers because my school grade is stress filled! If you know my Profile Picture that is a Creepy-pasta, or an Operator, symbol.

My wattpad link below:

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    Updaateee!!! I love this!
    Internet Boyfriend [BoyxBoy]
    Internet Boyfriend...
    [BoyxBoy] Tristan is an open gay. Always beaten up by the usual bullies, squealed at by the fan girls, and has the craziest best friends he could ever hope for. He isn't complaining or anything but...
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    Very inspiring. Please keep writing hon.
    Skinny Love
    Skinny Love
    After being bullied for years about her weight, fourteen year old Madison Drew develops anorexia. A dangerous disease, anorexia could be the death of Madison unless she receives help. Fast. And then...
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    Can you continue this story please? I really enjoy it and want to see what happens next........Thank you (even if u don't continue.) and have a nice time writing!! X3
    A Wolfish Christmas
    A Wolfish Christma...
    A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started...
    Dragon Slayer
    2 years ago
    Sorry, I haven't updated the story lately. I have been swamped with finishing my last class of the semester, so I haven't had much time. Now that I am on break I definitely plan to get as much as I can done.
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    mumbled "Help?"

    Hey 9 followers! Could you guys maybe give me some ideas for the books i'm writing? Just put the Book title and the idea. It would be great help for me and the books! Thank you guys and i'm trying to update each book as much as I can and get as many Idea's i can while dealing with my middle school life. Guy drama ya know? Okay, so I had a Crush ima call Chan and he liked me to, but i'm not able to date so yeah and we knew we liked each other but here's the sad part. Chan always bites, scratches, slaps, and just hits me and I just take the abuse and my bff Sav thinks i'm ignoring her and urg! So at school me and my other BFF Ross were playing as if he was a demon and putting up a cross motion with our hands and he gets all mad. We did it a few times the next day and I get a text from him. 'I'm deleting your contacts'. Bruh! He hits me and all and when I try to have FUN he gets mad and ignores ME. I tried to text him back but he says 'naw bish leave me alone and burn.' Boy, I try to be nice but freakin' screw you!

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