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    Hey Hello Thanks for the select us, I am also always wearing mungfali dresses at school but no one knows why I tell him it's because I like classy but really it's because it was wearing jeans everyone would see my typers my biggest tree was about dating with any guy ever love me to spy my condition I want I will be brave enough to tell a guy that my secret I wasn't sure but then something happened why you are one of my classmate whose diagonal to the Brain Tumor in passed away with everything into perspective and I realise how lucky I was in half life EP I mean I could have died instead of her after that I decided not to be a freedom dating anymore and I don't in online dating site that you guys I'm really weird I'm I begin to regret joining this side but then I got a very nice guy his name is Mason and when dating program for 6 months when I decided I had to tell her mother my condition.

    There you can get the great fun, I told him we need to talk and he really needed this because heated I want to break up with them one I don't know about my condition and sodamide diapers havisha but he was really sweet about it yes why would type so I thought about the correct accident in my nerve cell nerve is because I didn't know we want to stay with the growing typers I mean if you want to break up at improve Hui Li understand it even now I be devastated but then he said something which made me love me for who I am and my condition was a problem for him because as long as I was happy Eid happy to I get a Scribe how to refill I am have me Sinha my wife hates me the way I am and for the first time in my life I still I come to dinner I mean of course I stay with my dinner I have to wear diapers eniyan so I can still have a Grave was surrounded by beautiful people like Nation just remember that only you can decide how you react to the challenges you says you're type person feel sorry for yourself or do you make the most viewed it thanks you listen to my story and please subscribe to this channel mMR in 6 months ago I was taking this movie Kodai is name is Ronaldo and his desk work Russell Brand thirdly of the wall and always saying crazy things but not working with other girls that never bathroom me because he said I was the only one for him and I believe that only Assamese APS girlfriend I was a static every immediately together for one day he told me his ex Gopan Laura has send a message it said I forgive you for everything I want to get back with you.
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