• Practical_Phil
    I didn't see a big problem with "The Fame Factor" cover but than I assmumed it was a cynical take on the aspects of fame that come out of and X-Factor type show.

    "It's a man's world" though - terrible cover. Really terrible and whoever decided on the tag time "But it takes a woman to run it." deserves a slap as it has nothing to do wit the contents. Did the designer have a spare cover left saved away and just e-mailed it over so they could go down the pub early? At the very least they hadn't read the book.

    A bigger problem is that as a man, the cover would have stopped me buying a copy in a shop. Readint it in public was bad enough and I'm sure I got some odd looks on the train. Maybe Harper Collins aren't aware of men, or perhaps they don't think they are capable of reading anything other than a Haynes manual.

    Whatever, I enjoyed the book despite the cover. Now part way through "the day I died" and quite frankly didn't bother with the outside at all.
    7 years ago
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    Thanks Phil! I really hope that HarperCollins aren't entirely oblivious to male readers... but some of my experiences did make me wonder!

    And as for the designer's spare copy... I refer you to this!

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