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Hi Movellians! I know I'm young but I write a lot and I don't think you will be disappointed. I'm a Potterhead, whatever-you-call-Percy-Jackson-fan, and a whatever-you-call-a-hunger-games-fan, so I'll be writing mostly about those. Don't even ask me to write/read a 1D fanfic, I will run away screaming. Just. Don't. Bye!

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    I hereby promise, on my slimy Slurg honour,

    To uphold the noble and prestigious race of Slurg,

    To know that to be a Slurg, is to be a very awesome thing,

    To help any fellow Slurg in need,

    And never to become a millipede instead.

    Millipedes are not at all prestigious.
    Yay! Slurg time!
    The Slurgs Association Society for Slurgs of Prestige.
    The Slurgs Associa...
    Are you a slurg? Do you have prestige? If yes is your answer, I welcome you to the SLURGS ASSOCIATION SOCIETY, known as the SAS by its staff and students. Nobis auxilium in via ad magnitudinem...
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    Bailey ze Slurgg
  • Bailey ze Slurgg
    Great Job! Even though I haven't read the Warriors series, the movella is amazing!
    Beyond The Fences (Hunger Games/Divergent/Harry Potter/Warriors FanFic)
    Beyond The Fences...
    This is a Short Hunger Games Divergent Harry Potter Warriors Crossover fanfic. It is told from several characters' points of views. You've read the books, you've noticed the fences, you've wondered what's...
  • Bailey ze Slurgg
    1: TheRandomAuthoress
    2: Harry Potter, Hunger games, Percy Jackson, and Divergent
    3: I want to apply because if school were my fandoms, I would ace every class
    4: I don't mind having a 'study buddy' as long as they can put up with my annoyingness :) Don't worry, I'm not THAT annoying.
    5: The 4 I listed above.
    Movellas' School For Fangirls
    Movellas' School...
    Ever wanted to be a student at a school for Fangirls? Well, now you can! Follow the first chapters instructions and apply for the school and get sorted into your fangirl house. Copyrighted. Houses are: Potterheads,...
    Bailey ze Slurgg
    Okay then, my fandom will be Harry Potter. Is that good?
    Planet Shay
    6 years ago
    Yeah, for the fandoms, you only choose one. :)
    Bailey ze Slurgg
    Um, may I start lessons or did I miss out?
  • Bailey ze Slurgg
    Hazel Dawson red hair green eyes tall can come off as annoying but is really nice ravenclaw sister is Jane who is a fourth year and they don't get along wand 11 inches unicorn hair
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