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��hi I love to read and like (and this sounds weird) pics of galaxies. I love to draw and love to play soccer. I'm 17 and live in California (well not anymore I live in Louisiana). I plan on dying my hair either lilac with black tips or teal with black tips. My two favorite things that basically make up my world are 1)the beach and 2)5SOS. I'm super weird. Shout out to all my friends even if you don't have this. You know I love you. As friends. My fav color is black. Fav artist as in music is 5sos and ATL. Fav animal is a penguin. I wear glasses but not all the time. I have thick country roots because I use to live in Louisiana. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Luke Hemmings is my all time favorite person. I would love to someday meet him. A little about my friends. My friend and I are inseparable. We are all super weird. We've know each other since kindergarten. Super bae is Netflix I mean who doesn't like Netflix. Then Pizza cause as Michael says"Michael wants another slice Michael wants another slice of pizza. I live in a haunted house with a poltergeist named Paul. I have insomnia. I'm bisexual. Depressed (but getting better)