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hi my names Dakota and your attractive.

you can call me anytime, babe ;) no jk don't call me or I might hit you okey?

So basically I'm really bad at these kind of things... Please read my stories.. pls?

basically I like no, love:

One Direction
5 Seconds of Summer
Before you Exit
Radical Something
Sleeping with Sirens

I'm *slightly* obsessed withhh:

Arizona Tea
Our Second Life
Logan Lerman
Jake Able
Evan Peters *American Horror Story ahh*
Demi Lovato

and A LOT of other people but I'm not putting them here bc LAZY

k bye

  • PlasticDakota
    oh god im laughing. KHAN DIDNT DIE HAHAH
    Star Trek Into Darkness- Kirk VS Khan
    Star Trek Into Dar...
    My bessie is a total treckie, and last week or something we went to see the new film. Now we're having 'discussions' about which character's better: Kirk or Khan. So far we've got around 50 reasons why...
  • PlasticDakota
    stole this idea also
    Slave Auction:Anime Style
    Slave Auction:Anim...
    Izzy Phantomhive just joined Techigh, the school with the most advanced technology. The only thing that really should be mentioned in the name is "Pervhigh"... Because the teachers made a Slave Auction..and...
    Not Your Baby
    7 years ago
    Haha! Fun doing it, right?
  • PlasticDakota
    flopping on my bed crying but im okay I promise Im okay..
    okay no you need to update
    No Sound 2 [LARRY...
    Who knew three little words could affect one of the most toughest boys in school? No, it wasn't the words "I hate you" or "I love you", it was the words "Harry moved away." Louis Tomlinson has been...
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