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Greetings! I'm Piper and I'm a proud author/artist. I've been writing short stories since before kindergarten and I love exploring new worlds/ideas for my books. I currently actually have two series: the Craaven series (which I will be posting eventually) and the Demon series (only on Wattpad for now)

I love all things dark, mysterious, or unexplained, just as much as I love cats and the Victorian era :D. Yes, I'm a proud steampunk... but I also love the circus aesthetic with a burning passion.

Feel free to recommend me good reads or to message me just to talk :)... lol I need new friends XD

I hope you all enjoy my books and art that I'll post!

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    Hey weirdos!! I'm finally re-uploading the Craaven Series!! Feel free to give it a read and let me know what you think! Also, I'll be starting a rather big project soon so while I'll be updating, the updates may come slowly. If you're interested in the project I have in store, you can follow me on IG for updates and on Wattpad (HouseoftheMacabre) to catch up on my other series, the Demon series. That's all! Have a lovely day! :)
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    mumbled "Wow I Suck at This XD"

    Hey yall! I'm back again just to check up on everything and say hi! I've been really busy with publishing my other series, "Demon" on Wattpad so I haven't been writing anything really new. If you want to read "Demon" you can, just look for HouseoftheMacabre on Wattpad. I'll also be taking down Craaven, as it's currently going through a major editing process, so I'm sorry about that. That's all! Thank you <3
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    mumbled "I hope y'all are well"

    Hey guys! It's been a while again and at this point, I just keep forgetting this website exists. Lol. I guess it's simply because I'm focused on another series that I have at the moment, which I'll post eventually here. With that said, I PROMISE I'll become active on here again. My school closed because of COVID-19 so I'm doing everything I can to entertain myself.

    That's all, guys, stay clean, stay inside, and stay weird. <3
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    mumbled "M u m b l e for the first time in literally 3 months"

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    Hey! Soooo, I understand that I'm no longer good at updating and I'm sorry about that. I'm really busy with school at the moment and I don't always have. However! Once I have time, I promise, I'll restart Eyes of Fire and continue the Craaven series.
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    House of the Macabre
    Hiii long time no speak! How've you been?
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