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I am just another "normal" fangirl. My favorite series are
*Harry Potter
*Star Wars
*Indiana Jones
*Lord of the Rings
*Harry Potter. (Don't judge me. Harry Potter is awesome.)
Reading and writing are my life. I love to spend my time outside or reading and writing. My bestie is PotterheadFOURever. (Not sure if I spelled that right.)
Hope you enjoy my movellas. =D
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  • Pipsqueak-Potterhead
    I hate it when your best friend steals something from one of your other best friends and then the friend that was stolen from turns and looks at you with a scary look and you're all like "I DIDN'T DO IT!! Blame (your best friend's name aka the theif) and then your best friend(the theif) is all like "Trust me, it was(your name)".
    Things that drive me crazy
    Things that drive...
    Warning: some of these things might offend some people so read if you want. I won't cuss but I might say freaking a lot.
  • Pipsqueak-Potterhead
    If you're playing the game Ninja, when it's your turn, just yell out "FOR NARNIA!!" (Do so while making your move)
    Things to do when you are bored
    Things to do when...
    Just some things to do when you are bored and some annoying things to do. Comment if you have a suggestion. I will add it. WARNING: don't actually try some of these. You may get in HUGE trouble.If anyone...
  • Pipsqueak-Potterhead
    Here are the meanings of the names:
    Vipra= Serpent; like as in Slytherin
    Carissus=Sly, cunning, artful, and all the other words that mean sneaky.
    Snape's Daughters
    Snape's Daughters
    Hogwarts has just found out that Severus Snape has three daughters. A 14 year old names Vipra, a 13 year old named Sophia, and a super smart 12 year old named Carissus; third year for them all. Their mum...
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