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I'm new to movella, but you can find me on Figment as pink896heart and wattpad as pink896heart.

wattpad profile: http://wattpad.com/pink896heart

Figment profile: http://figment.com/users/265537-pink896heart

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    Hey! I'm rather new to Movellas, and would love it if you would check out my novel, Love at First Stitch. It's only six chapters at the moment. Thanks!
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    Newbie Reviewies
    If you're looking for a new Movella to read or you're a new Movellian who wants their book both being noticed and reviewed, then check this out! Movellians who have been a member for a maximum of two months...
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    mumbled "Getting Word Out"

    I'm new to movellas, been here for about fifteen days or close to it now. I've got stories up now; there's no reason to ignore me. I'd love to see more reactions to Love at First Stitch. Could you all help me out? Please and thanks! :D
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    mumbled "Love at First Stitch"

    Love at first sight? More like love in the first knitted stitch in this twist on the classic damsel in distress story. Julissa Jennings is an extraordinary knitter down on her dating luck. Who can't relate to her? (In terms of dating, I mean.) Please read. It's my new novel, and though I only have one chapter up at the moment, I'm working on getting the next one written.

    Knitting for the Prince**BOOK 1 in the Royal Love series.** My dear subjects, I regret to inform you that my mother in law, Lady Quinn Winters, passed away yesterday, Septemb...
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