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For some reason I continue to write in danish, even though i planned to write at least 90% of everything in english


Anything you might read by this user is based on real stories, but heavily fictionized. So these stories are not a representant of the user's true condition! You are all welcome to ask for the stories behind something, as the user only posts stories he feels he has gotten past, at least enough to be open minded about.

Read at own responsibility!

You have been warned! (Also warmed!)


I hope you're here because you rather enjoy my work. I have recently been much more busy with both with School and my other projects (Currently Youtube). Anywho, hope you enjoy, hope you check out my Youtube Channel, which is just for the fun of it.

Remember, I love all you Pies out there! <3

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  • PieTwister
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    Hey, nyt billed:)
    Den Rene
    Den Rene
    " Jeg kunne ikke hjælpe damen og hendes børn, uanset hvor meget det end smertede at lade være. Jeg måtte ikke blive opdaget, og desuden ville hun slippe for denne grusomme verden med det samme, hvis jeg...
    6 years ago
    Det sidste var da også fint
    6 years ago
    6 years ago
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    You're the boss:)
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