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Hi all readers :) My name is Phoebe. O. Morakinyo, an aspiring (or rather definite if I say so myself :)) teen author. I've written short stories but my focus is on the teen romance market.

I'm a Christian, and believe Jesus died for me.

Other than that, I love oreos, snickers, nutty chocolate ice cream and manga. My favourite colour is orange and I adore writing.

I don't often post public writing online but I took a leap of faith for the Movellist of the Year comp. If you would like to read, just drop by and tell me what you think. And I'm pretty friendly so say hi if you wish ;)

  • Phoebe. O.C. Love
    Reading it right now ;)
    Kate is at first an ordinary 16 year old living in an ordinary town. But a strange discovery nearby to where she lives and walks to school changes her life. Helped by her new friend, Yvonne, she tries...
    hope you like it :)
  • Phoebe. O.C. Love
    Ooh, sounds promising :) It reminds me of Naruto :) Great work :)
    In a world of darkness and doubt, there is a threat of evil hanging over the heads of the clans; there has never been a more important time for the treaty to be in place to provide unity in the clans....
  • Phoebe. O.C. Love
    Wow! ;) It's both unique and I love your narrative style. I'm happy I got to read this, though I haven't finished it yet :)
    Gift: The Rebellion
    Gift: The Rebellio...
    Rory Stone has a Gift, and the whole world wants to see. Rory Stone felt that his life was perfectly normal, the days spent with his best friend Towlen even managed to make it vaguely bearable, even...
    5 years ago
    Thank you :D
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