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I woke up one morning to find a little present wrapped up in golden and pink wrapping paper sitting at the end of my bed. The fact that it was sunny July - nowhere near Christmas - worried me even more. This little thing was squarish, with rounded corners; it was also badly wrapped and covered in rogue pieces of Sellotape. I cautiously peeled back a strip of wrapping paper to reveal a weathered, brown surface. Scratching away at more of the paper, I eventually took my gift in my hands and looked at it. It was a fat leather notebook. I stared at it, just stared. I flicked through the pages, every single one blank and staring back at me. I thought, 'There's so much that I can do. So much with all these blank pages.' So I picked up my pen, and began to write.

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    mumbled "Grace"

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    On the journey to school I’m Grace.
    I talk and I talk to people who listen.
    I tell a joke and others laugh.
    I’m a person, with people,
    I’m Grace.

    On the journey back home I’m no one.
    If I talked or I spoke up then no one would know.
    I’m on my own, my own world, my own life and time.
    I’m no one, with no one,
    I’m me.
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    mumbled "Exam Week"

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    Exams. The only thing that I have ever learnt from studying for exams, is how to take exams. And the only thing that I have ever learnt from taking exams, is that I'm much stupider than I thought I was...
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