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  • parislovebug
    UPDATE! plz! I need more, what's happening next?!
    No Strings Attached [ON HOLD]
    No Strings Attache...
    [THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED] My name is Juliett Hunter. I'm an A+ student and I am in love with my best friend Daniel Langton. The problem is that he has a girlfriend and I would try to move on if I...
  • parislovebug

    mumbled "Writers block"

    Ugh! I'm sitting here in my chair while listening to 5sos, and I cant think of anything to write for 'I'll Never Be Enough' '6 Feet Deep' and 'Ain't Life Just Awesome?'
    Somebody help me! :(
    3 years ago
    will do, thanxs
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