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I love Tumblr (I'm a tumblr girl, its my life) and sweets♡゚・。♥。・゚♡゚・。♥。・゚♡

I play the violin ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪
My real name is Justice, but my nick name is Pandasaurus_rex

I like reading almost everything like:
- mystery
- romance (including gay romances)
- some adventure
- fantasy
If you ever want me to edit/beta your story, I'm happy to do so :D

Favorite story of all time is Alice in the wonderland... So that's one way to impress me ;)

Kisses and hugs!
Kik: shorty_cake_22

  • Pandasaurus_rex

    mumbled "Now that i think about it... "

    Its weird how when i was younger, i used to think my life wasn't going to mean anything. But now I'm close to graduating high school (lots of homework...), I have a boyfriend (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT HAPPENED), a future to think about, and my hobbies that i enjoy( which is mainly writing and play video games) ... I need more time in the day -_-
  • Pandasaurus_rex

    mumbled ""I'm wanted by two" is on Wattpad"

    I also put my story "I'm wanted by two" on wattpad, if you also want to follow me there, that's okay. You could search for the book or my username:Pandasaurus-Rex

    That's all!

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