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I mostly only write fanfiction. I want to break the stereotype that others have about fanfiction. People assume that those who write for a fandom are lazy, unoriginal, and lacking the imagination to create their own fiction. To all those I dare them to read my work. I do write some original work, which is not yet posted here.

Although my GA stories are basically original pieces of work, you will not find anything like them, anywhere.

Writing is my life. I breathe it, think it, and dream it. When I am not writing, ideas swirl in my head. I am a dreamer. I tend to live in my own little world, which isn’t always a great thing.
When I am not writing or doing that awful real life thing, I pour my creativity in videos that I create for my fictions. I am also quite the avid gamer of MMO’s. (If you play WoW, look me up!)

I work by inspiration and not by any dedication to a particular fandom. My focus in a lot of my stories is on characterization, or the relationships between the characters. I root for the anti-heroes, sometimes the villain, and don't believe in black and white morality. So never expect to know where I am going with a plot, because I love to just take it where no one expected.

I usually only write something that will revolve around romance and paranormal. I rarely stick to conventional fandom. I like to make my own characters, give them my own twists.

I do have a bit of a dark side. I am facinated with vampires, ghosts and anything that goes bump in the night. I love to visit old abandoned houses and cemetaries. I document everything as well. I plan to start a youtube channel soon for that.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paintedwings77
Instagram: https://instagram.com/guineverre77/

YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! Join it, I have loads of videos for all my stories.


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