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Hey, I'm Lexi. My passion is poetry but I've recently found I enjoy short fiction, too. I'm a christian girl. Whoot whoot! Go Jesus! Go Jesus! *dances in circles* And *IF YOUR MOM WAS A HARDWORKING WOMAN AND WAS or STILL IS YOUR HERO AND HELPED YOU NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU WERE OR WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE YOU WERE IN ♥ OR WAS JUST THE BEST MOTHER EVER, PUT THIS ON YOUR PROFILE. ==>The girl you just called fat...she's overdosing on diet pills. ==>The girl you just called ugly...she spends hours putting on makeup, hoping people will like her. ==>The boy you just tripped...he is abused enough at home. ==>See that man with the ugly scars...he fought for his country. ==>That guy you just made fun of for crying...his mother is dying. ==>The boy that wears pants in one hundred degree weather...he only has one leg. ==>The boy that bites his nails all the time...he's dying of cancer and he's counting down the days. **Post this if you're against bullying