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Poetry from the soul, with help If asked ,and honest advice if wanted

Rika Namoia

by , Tuesday January 24, 2017
Rika Namoia

A high schooler sucked into the deadly vastness of sword art online

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  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "For My Moon"

    7 months agoReply
    My heart beats for you

    Every marching wave

    Murmurs your name

    My eyes plead to see you

    Every blink without you

    Feels like eternity

    My mind becomes euphoric

    Every time you smile

    For you are the perfect drug

    My entirety aches

    Every time you struggle

    For your mind should always be at ease

    I believe


    I know that my purpose here

    Is to make you

    As happy as you make me
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "An addiction to you"

    7 months agoReply
    My heart beckons for you

    My soul becomes deformed

    My mind crumbles

    I feel nothing but a yearning

    To see you again

    When you are gone
  • Orionaffect
    8 months agoReply
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    In bed is a bit sporadic but you are using great describing words so if you use them in closer relation I could probably get the point but currently I cannot
    P O E T R Y
    P O E T R Y
    A collection of poems portraying what's going on inside my head. Each one is in a different mood, or a different setting, usually described by the title. I write in a fast mind-flow kind of way, that hopefully...
    Jasmine Green
    8 months ago
    Thanks :) I totally get what you mean, but that's kind of my style, I love making it really confusing and personal to me. I write very fast and just let the words come to me, it paints an accurate picture of what's in my head at the moment I wrote it. If I ever do anything with them or publish the poems I'll probably edit it to make more sense. Thanks for your feedback! x
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "Random feelings"

    8 months agoReply
    Ever felt

    Like falling limp

    Ceasing effort

    Or becoming dull

    If you have you then understand

    That our situations may be different in their own respect

    But altogether have the same consquence

    The same side effect

    That drives us all insane

    That pushes us all to losing

    The thing we need to be happy

    In that moment of realization

    We all begin to stand tall

    We begin to alienate this feeling of giving in

    We begin to fight

    For the right to be happy

    For the right to become ideal

    Sometimes this task is daunting

    But as humans always are

    we charge headfirst into the fray

    Unwilling and disinterested in knowing the consequence
  • Orionaffect

    mumbled "A need to change "

    8 months agoReply
    This need for command I cannot shake

    I always feel the need to possess the end and

    I fail to fathom anything more fearsome than a world I don't control

    I seem to suffer from this addiction to mastery

    I want to be able to let go

    Yet I falter in the face of change

    Unable to force myself to give in

    Frusterates me beyond belief

    Ironically I desire to control

    The change that will make me give up on the need to control every situation
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