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Okie. Hi there! I have never been someone who is able to make friends wherever she goes. I am extremely social awkward but if I'm able to get really close to you my better, adventurous side comes to light. The words that I do say may not by flooding to your ears every hour, every day with tens of millions amount of energy but I hope they make you smile, maybe help you in your life, and fill you with joy and, if possible, help you to make a new friend, me.
I hope you have an amazing day filled with love, a good book and adventure <3

  • Liyah_Better10
    One of my sorta-friends told me that he was talking to my cousin and he said
    "She doesn't really like you but she's forced to because you guys are cousins and you are sort of fake to her."

    She then replied:
    "Yeah I know (my name) is fake to me"
    She also said
    "I am fake to her too"
    I have no idea why to do Bc I don't want to ask her directly Bc I don't want to lose her but I also want to know why she thinks all of this what do I do?
    Ask Dani
    Ask Dani
    At least read the first chapter. Then you'll understand.
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