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Hey writers. My name is Mia and I'm a 13 year old aspiring author. I haven't told many people I love writing because they think I'm weird. There are cooler things for a teen to be doing right?

Anyway I write to get away from things. From myself mostly. I like becoming another character and feeling like a different person.

So these are my stories, thoughts and feelings.

Enjoy x

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    Wow thats one wild child!! Like it!!
    Too Far
    Too Far
    Trixie is the daughter of famous (and very rich) tycoon Richard Maryson. She is notoriously wild, so when one night she goes over the top, even for her, she gets a choice - go to therapy or go to normal...
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    mumbled "The Little Drawings"

    My inspiration for this was a thing called the Butterfly Project which Is a great help to me as I am trying to recover from self harming. If you do not know what this is here are the rules:
    1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand.

    2. Name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.

    3. You must let the butterfly fade naturally. NO scrubbing it off.

    4. If you cut before the butterfly is gone, you’ve killed it. If you dont cut, it lives.

    5. If you have more than one butterfly, cutting kills all of them.

    6. Another person may draw them on you. These butterflies are extra special. Take good care of them.

    Hope you like The Little Drawings. And btw you are all beautiful! x
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    Have to write more!!! I love love love this so far! If you have time could you take a lot at my first Movella Everybody's fool? thanks x
    You Stupid Girl
    You Stupid Girl
    A typical teenage story. Pretty much.
    7 years ago
    Thank you! :) I will do x
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    I love this! So powerful and gripping! Shows how serious bullying can get!! :D x
    Behind Closed Doors.
    Behind Closed Door...
    Hannah is your normal teenager; going through emotional and social pressure, whilst her parents suffer a rough patch in their marriage. Suddenly, her boyfriend of eight months breaks up with her, and her...
    7 years ago
    aha, thanks!
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