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I did have an account on here, but I can't remember what it was so this is a new one yay :3 ACM xxx

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    mumbled "WHAT HAPPENED?!??!!"

    *comes back to movellas after some time away*
    what... what happened?!?!??!!
    It's all... new O.o
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    mumbled "NanowriNO "

    So guess who failed nanowrimo spectacularly again?
    This girl right here
    In my deffense, I've written 15 pages long hand, so it's probably more like 5k rather than the 2-3k i've typed up...
    Eh I'm lazy
    ACM xxx
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    mumbled "Its that time of year again"

    Hey guys,
    I know im the most active writer on here (I write loads in notebooks, just never get round to uploading) BUT im not going to be very active for this month as I will be doing nanowrimo... hopefully.. but yes after I shall upload the unedited version (which may or may not hilarious as my sanity declines) in January I'll edit it :)
    Until thrn non existent reader ;)
    ACM xxx
    5 years ago
    Good for you! I'm WordSplurts over there, if you want to buddy up.
    5 years ago
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    Woo exciting, I'm AnimeCresentMoon yay writing buddy :D
    ACM xxx
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    mumbled "Writing problems idk "

    Me:Writes a thing
    People: no one says anything.
    Me: Assumes it's probably too awkward to even say 'this is awful can you not'.
    Me: Goes back to sitting in corner of internet...
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    mumbled "pros and cons of happiness"

    I always write when I'm sad, and since I got a bf things were looking up and my muse was going down a little... I shouldn't have worried... He's not so happy himself and he doesn't want to see me... Not his fault, just a chemical imbalance, but I can't help but feel rejected... I don't make him happy anymore, I'm LITERALLY not good enough for him. I failed after less than 2 months. Wow. Karma's a 81tch. ACM xxx