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Greetings! I'm Edward and I'm a proud author/artist. I've been writing short stories since before kindergarten and I love exploring new worlds/ideas for my books. I currently actually have two series: the Craaven series (which I've started here on Movellas but you can read the sequels on Wattpad, and the Demon series (only on Wattpad for now and undergoing edits but will be available to read soon).

I love all things dark, mysterious, or unexplained, just as much as I love cats and the Victorian era :D. Yes, I'm a proud steampunk... but I also love the circus aesthetic with a burning passion.

Feel free to recommend me good reads or to message me just to talk :)... lol I need new friends XD

I hope you all enjoy my books and art that I'll post!

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    If you haven't noticed already, I'm posting over the weekend because of school. I wasn't able to post any chapters yesterday because I was busy, but that's okay, I'm back now! :D
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    Hey! Another chapter of Craaven is up! Go check it out! And I know it's probably not that exciting here but for me it is, Craaven has over 1,000 views!!! I'm so happy!! Thank you so much guys, y'all are amazing!!
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    I've had a paranormal experience as well! It delves more on the lines of the legendary shadow-people but it still creeped me out nonetheless. I was about 14 and I had just woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It seemed like a perfectly normal night in my house, until I opened my door and saw two glowing, orange dots looking at me from my parents' open bedroom door. At the time, my mom was at work still and my dad was out in the garage working on one of his many projects so there should've been no reason for those "eyes" to be there. Knowing this, I simply turned around and went back to bed. I've never seen the eyes again but ever since then, my friends have all said they don't feel comfortable staying the night at my house because they feel "unwanted and hated."
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    Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been active! School started and I don't have time to update any of my books until the weekend. I would've published a new chapter of Craaven yesterday but I was extremely busy so I'm publishing today. Thanks!
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