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    This is great so far :) I really like how you explain everything well and don't leave out vital information. ^•^
    One More Day
    One More Day
    No-one knows it yet, but the world is about to go down the pan. Rain will fall, storms will brew, death will rule. And there, right in the middle of it all is Cally. A chubby fifteen year old from the...
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    mumbled "Just Some Updates"

    Hey RECRUITEES! I realise that you guys want me to update my stories but currently I can't. Some important stuff has happened in my life so I will be taking an official break. Probably be about 2 weeks. I'm really sorry guys but stuff like this just can't be avoided, no matter how hard I try. I just have to deal with it. Thanks for reading guys...
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    Wanted to put that in caps.. XD anyway! I'm a Scripette (fan of The Script) and wanted to see if there were any others like me! :D
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    They have great music but you know I don't worship them.
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    Yeah I don't like worship the ground they walk on either but they're better than most singers nowadays to be honest.
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    Hahaha I think there's like different parts of a fandom: Normal Fans, Dedicated Fans and then Die hard Fans. I'm like the second one.. Diehard Fans of any fandom really scare me.. XD
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