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We are in this together. If you need anything.. I'll be here.

  • 1D_life
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    Update omg the suspense.. ;)
    omegle » h.s.
    omegle » h.s.
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    mumbled "yall are on point"

    4 years agoReply
    thanks to everyone who emailed me and stuff about being my co-author or sending me cover pics.. they have all been great!! I'll be choosing a co-author on February 7th, Saturday (tomorrow) but I still need to find the perfect cover photo so keep sending those!! :)
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    mumbled "Co-author!! "

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    Is anybody interested in being my co-author for my book 'Burning Hell'???? if you are interested then please message me!! or email me at jadeth211@gmail.com
    also if anybody is interested in making me a cover that would make my life!!
    4 years ago
    K ill send it right now
    3 years ago
    i will
    3 years ago
    @[emmo] thanks! could you please email me please??
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