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Still Iggy, and Takao

PRAISE LORD FRECKLED JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This symbol represents the people of Morphiounus
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We, the Morphious, are the people who savor the mystery of space, and the life that is one but a speck in such an enormous thing.

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Hello, I am the notorious United Kingdom, or Britain, or England. I prefer Iggy, for personal reasons, that may or may not have something to do with a boy I raised named Alfred. Alfred is my best friend. He's younger than me, but when we stand next to each other you would never be able to tell...I am I admit a terrible cook, and if you would like to live to see tomorrow, I suggest you never eat anything coming from me. Although, my tea is pretty good, anyway that's off the topic. My name is Arthur, Arthur Kirkland, and I have one younger brother, his name is Peter, better, well not really, known as Sealand. He is not a country nor will he ever be, he's just too small. I mean look what happened to the other small countries, they were all invaded by Russia, so Sealand just stop trying…

  • Nitori Mikoshiba

    mumbled "Bye..."

    Bye guys. I'm leaving not Movellas, but I'm not talking to anyone hurts when I lose some close to me so to prevent myself from feeling more pain, I'm refusing to talk. It not cause I hate any of you. It's because I have a fear of being alone, and right now I'm alone, so I'm scared, I will be trying to update more....he um so this is it bye guys.
    lolly sisters
    6 years ago
    I have a fear of being alone too. So if you ever do decide to talk to someone I'm here! Bye!
    6 years ago
    no joke thats one of my fears too i need relationship advice
  • Nitori Mikoshiba

    mumbled "NEW MOVELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    It's a Free! fanfiction called Love is in the Water. I'm writing it with @[YandereMinx ] ...mhmm it's dirty so beware, and uh yeah...the pairing is SousukexHarukaxMakotoxRin
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