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First things first, welcome! My name is Amber Rose, but you can just call me Amber. Or Rose. Either one is fine. My passion, other than golf, is writing. So I'm glad I found this site. Gives me an outlet to see if people actually like my stories.

I started out writing fan fiction, and I still do today. It's fun and obviously I can't stop. But I've also written a psychological horror, a fantasy, a children's book, and many realistic fiction pieces.

"Keep making memories." -Ryan Magee from Cyndago.

I am in so many fandoms, that it would be way too hard to list them all. You can always ask a specific one if you'd like to know.

Quick facts: I love biking, reading, drawing, listening to music, and watching anime and cartoons. YouTube is a very big part of my life. I play a lot of video games; my favorites are Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Legend of Zelda.

Japan and Korea have amazing music and have created a lot of the things I love today. I want to visit those places one day. That said, one of my favorite creations from Japan is Hello Kitty. So, I've decided that my fans should be called Kittens. It's not official, but its the only thing I've thought of so far.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." -JPW03

Go Cubs! I am a diehard Chicago Cubs fan.

My characters in most of my stories are based off the people closest to me. Starting with the main characters being myself, and then side characters being friends.

I'm just the girl with the pink mustache. On her shirt.

Pansexual and proud.
Demiromantic and proud.

When I become passionate about something, I have to learn everything about it. I become a well informed fan quite fast.

If you can make me smile and laugh, we are very good friends. If you make me cry, you're dead to me.

At the moment, I'm single and its starting to get to me. I just want to be loved and too love.

Lastly, I am a fighter. A princess. A geek. A writer. A drawer. A cutie. A singer. A dancer. A jokester. But overall, I don't want to fit within any labels.