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I'm British, and 14. I definitely want to be a writer when I'm older, and hopefully get to illustrate my own books, too.

Maybe I read too much, but I don't think anybody can. Not really.

I'm in the Divergent fandom (ASDFGHJKL), The Host Fandom (No, I am not a twihard but this book is not at all like Twilight), a bit of John Green is good if you feel in the mood to drown in your own tears, I'm a potterhead, and Malorie Blackman (Noughts & Crosses) is pretty damn amazing, too.

I hope you enjoy my stories, if you happen to read them. :)

  • Ninja-Girl123
    I love the last line of chapter one!!! I love this :) Is this for the sony movellist competition? It's really good, I only managed to do three chapters but mine's not as good as this >.< Mine's called 'The Shadows' :) Good luck!
    (Re-uploading the first three chapters for the competition) Set in the year 2140 when the world is remorselessly at war with an anonymous trespasser. But what happens when one of the soldiers supposedly...
  • Ninja-Girl123
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    I love this!!! It's such a great idea for a story ^_^ I wish I'd thought of it!
    Padded Walls
    Padded Walls
    In the world of Nunquam, the children are seperated from the adults from birth. They don't want to contaminate the adults with imagination and freedom. Ignis, Mendax, Lector, Quare and Infaustum are all...
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